I can hear all you young un’s stampeding for the exits.

That old fart? OMG!

But today is my bloody 55th. birthday and the hell with it. Consider the alternative!

I’ve never been happier, and am grateful indeed: loving husband, good health for us both, a new hip and a pain-free life, my Dad still alive and healthy at 83; dear friends; work (finally!) in abundance. Whew!

So, as I celebrate, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned over the past few decades, some words of wisdom,  (aka WOWs).


The greatest love of my life has been the work I chose, writer and photographer. From 12 I knew this was what I wanted to do and I shaped my university studies accordingly, learning French and Spanish well enough to work in both languages, in Montreal, France and Spain. It has not been a smooth and uninterrupted ascent…

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Now that I’ve rested up after my vacation, it is time to get back to business! Today’s recipe is quick and easy and makes for a delicious remix on a snack that I know many of us enjoy — popcorn!

This was actually inspired by a recent visitation I had with my sister and family. I went to visit her a few days ago and we made Rice Krispies treats. They were yummy, as you will see in the pictures below. She was a sport and stayed patient as I took pictures of each step like I do with the rest of my posts.

I decided not to make an entry based off of that, however, since it was the regular cereal box recipe that we followed. Instead, I created my own today that mimicked our steps. Popcorn treats are very similar with the exception of the cereal, of course…

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“Clocks slay time… Time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; Only when the clock stops does time come to life.” ~ William Faulkner

When did time-keeping begin? How was the 1st day recognized, calculated, agreed upon, written or preserved? We have little to no answers of these questions…

It is no secret that cultures throughout “time” have kept time, and they’ve kept it in their own fashion based on their own view of life cycles. But, what day is it?? Deep within the sphere of conscious thought is where we find the concept(s) of time.

For those of us born into western culture, today is August 17th, 2012. And, interestingly, many of us believe that this date has been calculated and confirmed and is correspondingly observed in unison throughout the world… However, there are at latest count 42 calendars observed across the globe…

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Department of Everyday Visualingual

With the London Olympics starting tomorrow, let’s take a look at that fair city. Lucinda Rogers is an illustrator who’s been documenting the East End of London for a number of years. She creates each drawing on site in a single session, often working on tinted paper and using color sparingly, focusing instead on bold strokes that capture the dynamic energy of an area in transition.

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Off The Wall

“I have shown you the path by hiding the way.  I have shouted out directions in silence.  With me you have reached the end on your own.  The secret is yours.  Behind that door is your reward.  May it serve you well but be warned, The door only opens on this side.  There is no going back and you are now one of us.”

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Eerie Ocelli

I’ve heard of Sandro Botticelli,
but never before of bees’ ocelli.
(They’re organs on their whatchmacallits
that collect light like painters’ pastel palettes.)
I suppose a Venus on a half-shell
is nothing like a full-size bluebell,
if, rather than the occasional fresco,
you live your entire life al fresco.
But, to me, they look like eyes–those spots–
that affix me as I take my shots,
into a blotter-sheet memory
that lines some nearby apiary.
I vow to lay low.


The above is a photo I took this weekend- those bright spots on the bee’s head are ocelli  (I think).  There are three; you can just make out the pale third.  I thank the bee for the pose!

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